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Lynnwood Chiropractic & Injury Center

At Lynnwood Chiropractic & Injury Center the caring chiropractic team provides all-inclusive care for teenagers and adults living in and around Lynnwood, Washington, and throughout Snohomish County.

Founded in 2007, Lynnwood Chiropractic & Injury Center built a reputation for providing conservative, integrative, and evidence-based care for a variety of musculoskeletal problems, including arthritis, back pain, knee pain, and numbness and tingling.

In addition, the team helps individuals recover from sports injuries, auto injuries, and headaches using integrative, in-office treatments like chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and massage.

The practice’s founder, Dr. Cho, is a trauma specialist who has a significant amount of training in care for acute and personal injuries. He’s created an emergency care system for individuals who need an accurate and early diagnosis to ensure a quick and pain-free recovery process.

The team sets aside time to meet with each individual one-on-one. After gathering a list of symptoms and reviewing a patient’s medical history, they develop custom treatment plans that restore mobility, limit pain, and improve quality of life.

To receive high-quality care in a warm, welcoming environment, partner with the team at Lynnwood Chiropractic & Injury Center. Book a consultation online, or call the office to speak with a friendly administrative staff member today.



Lynnwood Chiropractic & Injury Center
17410 Washington 99, Suite 150
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Phone: 425-389-4889
Fax: 425-741-0465

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